Master Magician


                                                                   The Magic of Michael Minter 


                                                        Mr. Morgan Dixon, Developer of Outloud Reader, LLC


           Mr. Michael Minter ( Magician ) and Mr. Morgan Dixon ( Creator of the outloud reader app) is proud to announce that they are working together to help more individuals with reading difficulties. You can read more about Mr. Morgan Dixon and his App, below. 


    Mr. Morgan Dixon, His story, 

          My name is Mr. Morgan Dixon. I am a student at Coeur D' Alene High School in Idaho. I am running the development of an app for the low vision, striving / beginning readers, special needs, and dyslexic students to give them access to written information they have never had access to before. Outloud Reader is an app that takes a photo of an article of text, digitizes the work, and reads it "out loud" . Our software also gives students a digital magnifier, the ability to change any scanned text into a specialized dyslexia font, and access to previous work. I am currently looking to involve users of the app, as well as teachers, and educational faculty like trial testing, as well purchasing the app. I would love feed back about how my software operates in real life situations e.g. how students utilize this technology and how I might change it to better facilitate students learning experience. This is a chance to help improve, what I hope will be incredibly beneficial software, enhancing the learning experience of your local students. To learn more about Outloud Reader App, Please see info, below. 


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